Friday, 16 July 2010

Wednesday - A VERY busy day!

So today was HECTIC! Too many things for one day, but a fun and exciting one as a result!
To begin with my day commenced with the production of a salad for tonight's art department BBQ, this year it's at Annie's house (you'll see her in action later!),this is Annie's new house - she only moved in a week or so ago, so it is something of a housewarming too which should be fun - Annie is well known for her dance moves, so the evening should be fun! As I have already subjected you to one stupid arty shot of meal preparation recently, I didn't feel I should repeat myself - so you will have to guess what broad beans, beetroot, pine nuts, rocket, parmesan, artichokes, olives and avocado looked like - very good actually!

Next came our second Jordan team building exercise in what the college calls its Dynamic Learning centre - lots of bean bags, pods and bright colours actually does make it quite a fun place to be, so with the help of the outlook rep, team games were played, planning was done and acquaintances better made - I have to say they are a great bunch of students and I'm quite sad that our trip isn't for a longer period of time.
My team...
The boys
The girls
Post-it thoughts on what lies ahead...
Ivan (Mr Bicknell), always over the moon with a new T Shirt!
Careful planning
Presenting to the parents - scarily good and well organised considering they only had an hour!

Next came THE PERFORMANCE, never before have I encountered so many over-excited 11 year olds in one place! The evening was amazing, even if it only lasted an hour, the hard work paid off!

Martin making some last minute requests for some stand in dragons, funny that once they saw the glow-sticks they all wanted to swap to be dragons!
Alan - our boss - meeting the dragon for the first time!
The audience eagerly awaits.....

By the time everyone had said goodbye and were heading off home, we were in the mood for a party and headed over to Annie's armed with salads and maybe the odd bottle of wine - a fine time was had by all, the following pictures might give you an idea of just how much Mark and Annie enjoyed themselves - dancing so furiously that you can barely see them.......

Come on - get down!

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