Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The A level show - not to be sniffed at.....

This years A level show is a good one - I'm afraid though that owing to other pressures - namely 60 odd 10 year olds taking up my time, I have only managed to put up the A2 work this year and that was with the help of my new trusty side-kick G. It must be said therefore that the AS girlies have produced great stuff and show bags of potential, this really is nothing personal.....

So here is a peek at the A2 stuff - I am sad to lose Phoebe this year - for some unknown reason she wants to study something academic - but as for these other scoundrels, they will be joining me on the foundation course next year and I am expecting great, great, things of them, although of course G will complain alllll the waaaay!

Of course it, as always at Alton, isn't always about the textiles (mores the pity!) - so here are SOME of my favourites from "the rest".

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