Monday, 12 July 2010


So after a hard days work, I decide to sit and enjoy the garden - maybe pick a few veggies for dinner - you know, that sort of thing, but our gardens in Worldham have had a visitor and not the good kind that bring flowers and wine, the kind that trample on your vegetables and then scoff them! This is what is left of my broad beans, in fact my courgettes, aubergines and peas have also been consumed, along with Heather's beans and Roger's potatoes (my nieghbours who you will no doubt meet in the future), and by what I hear you ask - a BADGER that's what! Serious garden protection is going to have to take place - good thing the holidays start on Thursday! Not only that but we seem to have been invaded by wasps 4 nests in total! See below for a neat hijacking job on Heather's bird feeder! Oh the countryside can be harsh !!

On the plus side however, at least Mr Badger can't reach the tree fruit - look - we even have figs!

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