Monday, 12 July 2010

More from the school - nearly there....

So, today is our final making day, for us in textiles it all about the T shirts, I have to say that I was worried sick at the prospect of printing 63 of the wretched things today with only G for help, so I could have kissed both Hannah and Charlotte when they turned up to help too, and the three of them made incredibly light work of organising and engaging the children all day, ahh, the energy of youth! There were virtually no disasters either, in fact the ones that did go wrong have been whisked away to be customised by my chief printers, so all's well that ends well! I am definately ready for the weekend now though - it has been a looong, but very rewarding week!

WHY would you give something so potentially noisy to him??????

Every space ship's crew needs a command centre - I'm glad I wasn't washing their trousers though!

Team work!

Mark putting on the finishing touches to our dragon (of Galatar!).

The first print! I can guarantee that Charlotte was more nervous!

A happy customer!

Building up the stock!

You can only have that T shirt Hannah if you take part in the production!

Designing the poster.

At last! We have worn them out! Only took a week.

I am sure it will - well fingers crossed, and we have to get through the rehearsals first......

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