Monday, 12 July 2010

A day with the girls.

It is always nice to have a day with the girls, and especially in this case as it was with my Mum (Diane), my Mother In Law (Judith) and my Sister In Law (Annie). The four of us were all lucky enough to be given vouchers for a day spa and managed, eventually, to fix a date to enjoy them together. Everything from pedicures to facials to hot stone massage was experienced, preceeded by lunch and a spot of shopping in Winchester and followed by dinner at Judiths.

You can't avoid them, the sales have to be done!

Spririt day spa, a place of splendour!!

These aren't the real stones, but you if you imagine something similar being warmed up and placed on your back and then feeling yourself just drifting away into a state of deep relaxation - you'll get the picture!

Perfectly painted toes - they never normally look like this, so I'm posting this photo to remind myself that they can!

Nothing like a nice home cooked supper (at Judith's - hooray, no washing up!!).

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