Tuesday, 6 July 2010

So here comes trouble...

For some unknown reason, I have elected to spend my week with 60+ 10 year olds - after the stress of 4 shows, a fashion show and so on you'd think that I'd be wanting some R&R wouldn't you, but no, I'm up for a bit of a challenge, so bring it on! Of course it's not just me, it's Mark and Martin - equally as knackered as me and a bunch of our wonderful students backing us up all the way, so here we go, the performance is only a week away, and anything could happen......

Maybe I could bore them into doing something...... doing a good job by the looks of things!

Mark seems to have the dragon construction covered - actually even though you can't see her, it's Sarah Laker doing all the work!
Fran who didn't need a plaster after this little exercise....
Martin - the music man, well it will be music, won't it...?
Err, so G, Hannah and Monica the dummy, but which one is Monica?

Hazel - it has only taken 3 years for her to learn how to make a badge!
Passing on her knowledge - every good command crew needs a badge!
Proud badge makers - and a proud teacher!

So if I pretend to be busy doing this perhaps everyone else will do the work - works for me normally!
Too late Hannah and Charlotte I already saw that you had super-glued yourselves to the scissors - honestly, I give you one simple task....
Careful there, Sam is a bit of a perfectionist!
And don't I just look fab in my visor! I suppose theirs look O.K. too!

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