Thursday, 8 July 2010

A trip to London

I didn't quite get my timings right this week - on the 1 day that the 10 year olds aren't marauding about the place, a day of peace and quiet might have been sensible, but no, we decide to take our AS students to London for a bit of culture.... first of all we dropped into the V&A to check out the Grace Kelly exhibit - one word, WONDERFUL! I was interested to see how a bunch of 17 year old would respond to this given the age of the clothes and the dedication to an individual which many of them might not have heard of, but they appeared to love it, and seeing all the furious note taking, taking place was great - they are currently keeping design diaries, so hopefully this will be well documented! Sadly no photography besides the one garment at the entrance - so I made the most of this!
Deborah (right) and Liz (at last!).

Jess and Marion

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