Thursday, 29 July 2010

Haircut, lunch and walkies...

So today was a nice relaxing day, starting with my first haircut in over two months! Hmm, I think it's O.K, - and btw, I'm allowed to put a poesy photo of me on the blog every so often! Sad thing is that I really am starting to look 40!

Next came lunch with Mandi and Naomi - two former students who have both just graduated - I can't believe that I forgot to take any phots - especially as they both turned up with their degree folios - DUH! Never mind, I will try to get hold of some pics for you at a later date, in the meantime though, it really was great to just catch up with a glass of wine in the sunshine!

What I haven't told you is that besides Ivan (Mr Bicknell), there is another rather lovely chap who takes up quite a lot of my time in the holidays - he has a fabulously glossy coat, big brown eyes a bit of an addiction to tennis balls and always sits when you tell him! 
This is where he has the edge on Ivan (Mr Bicknell) as he NEVER does as he is told! So without further ado - let me introduce you to Bobby - next door's beautiful labrador! 

We are very lucky to live where we do, as you will see walking the dog is quite a pleasurable experience!
Bobby - ready for action!

And ready for his close-up!

I must have walked up these steps a hundred times, but they are a killer and NEVER get any easier!

Top of the steps - known as the hanger...

Rows and rows of herbs.

In need of rain - quite nice not having to squelch through the mud though!

Heading in the right direction.

Just passing by...

A village full of lavender.

The village post box - no office, just the box.

Over the stile.

Give us our daily bread!


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