Friday, 16 July 2010


We thought it would never come, but at last, the end of term has arrived, and not a moment too soon either, I was practically on my knees! So today was a day of desk tidying - yes, almost there, but you will have to wait for the photo - still a bit to do!
We also, courtesy of out wonderful college chaplain Bill, had a 50's inspired tea party to celebrate, he was even kind enough to have a word with his boss to keep the rain away for a few hours! There was splat the rat, a treasure hunt, afternoon tea and Pimms - hooray! Ivan (Mr Bicknell), Mark and I played Croquet on the lawn and to my great surprise, not only did I win a nice bottle of 
white on the tombola, I won the treasure hunt too and walked away with a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne! Goodbye Alton, see you in September!
School's out for summer!
Pimms and cream teas - what more could we ask for?
We ALL missed!
If you unplug the battery it is super easy!
The treasure map,. but where will it be?
Under the hut on the right actually!
There were huge bowls of sweets everywhere!
Not bad for an afternoons work!

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