Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lazy Sundays

As much as I adore my job, it really is all-consuming, which means in term time my weekends are generally taken up with work (in fact this weekend I was supposed to practice making masks in prep for the 10 year olds tomorrow - but I guess I'll just have to wing it now!), so Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I don't tend to catch up with our friends very much, so it was lovely to be able to invite Ned and Michelle and their gorgeous new baby Merryn for lunch. The weather of course helped to make it really special and some champagne (a belated celebration for Merryn and a new one for my job) and a gorgeous walk helped to make it a great afternoon - if only every weekend could have days like this.......

Ivan always has to have a swim - I have no idea why he looks so cheerful because it looks a bit cold to me...

SPLASH! And it was obviously pretty cold, as I can tell you, he was out very quickly, but you really don't need to see that!

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