Sunday, 4 July 2010


If you are a design student, a teacher/lecturer of design or even just a little bit interested in the world of design - you need to make this show an annual event. This year's show was particularly impressive and made even more special for me as so many of my ex-students were exhibiting, some of them you will see below and with so many firsts and 2:1's amongst them I am immensely proud of what they have achieved. The show is huge and quite hard to get your head around - hopefully what follows will give you a good taste of what you can see, sadly, but quite rightly, the students are very wary of having their work photographed, and from my days of doing this very show myself, I can completely understand why. There is some work therefore which I would like to show you but can't, but with any luck this will pop up later on, especially as some of it was by some of my ex-students who couldn't meet me on the day.

Hannah, along with Naomi - whose photo you saw the other day, has also secured a first from Brighton - we still have some of her work on the wall at college - so I think I might just hang on to it now!!!! It was great to catch up with her - she is very down to earth and I was pleased to see, still a bit ditsy! But a job offer from H&M can't be bad can it???
Mandi has just gained a 2:1 from Buckingham New University with a range of gorgeous prints specialising in florals, already she has had offers flooding in, including a possible job in Como, Italy (if you get a chance to go, go, it is amazing). Mandi is an incredible student and did really well with us at Alton, studying at Bucks however has taken her work to a much higher level and this is very much down to not only her extraordinary talent but the gebuine care and attebtion she has received on the course, it is an exceptional place Bucks, with exceptional teachers, including Paul Murphy who is one of the most inspiring individuals I know - if I could do my degree again, I would go there!

Vicky Elliot(t) - can never remember how many t's - sorry Vicky, was one of my favourite students to teach - she is so energetic and enthusiastic about everything she does you can't help but love her - these pieces are beautiful and have earned her a 2:1 from Bucks, she is hoping to go onto teaching after a bit of traveling and will be doing some teaching practice with me next year hopefully - she would be a GREAT teacher and I really look forward to seeing this happen. Good luck Vicky xx

Sadie is another ex-alton girlie and has just gained a FIRST from UCA in jewelry - her work was STUNNING, and I am gutted that most of it had sold already as I had my eye on a couple of pieces..... She has had lots of exciting offers from galleries already so let's hope she gets the right sort of recognition and of course, lots and lots of sales!

Julia's work was some of the first I saw and the photos don't really do it justice, but the simplicity of the image and use of process is just lovely.

The London College of Communication - a really, really quirky stand which completely caught my eye - we have had lots of students study there over the years - no one this year as far as I know, but there are certainly some coming up, so watch this space...

I always love what they do in Leeds and this year was no disappointment - very fresh and florally with lots of very enthusiastic New Designers - however, I am very ashamed to say that I had completely forgotten that Katherine (Pool) had graduated this year - her work is directly below and I am super proud that she has managed to produce such a gorgeous collection - her work with us was always fab though, so I shouldn't be surprised!

I was really impressed with Birmingham's show this year - I'm hoping that some of our new students decide to give it go as their uni of choice next year, lots of exciting processes and ideas were in evidence and the students genuinely enthused about their experience on the course.

Amy Farn was delightful - she has a wonderful idea with these very tactile play bean bags, which could obviously not only be used as decorative items but within the world of therapy - very refreshing to see textiles being used in such a positive and progressive way - more of this please!

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