Tuesday, 27 July 2010

House stuff

So Now that the badger proof fence (!) is up, I can turn my attentions to the inside.... Decorating, much easier to do when Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is away as generally he just gets in the way!

So first off is the living room ceiling - this is hideous, it hasn't been touched in the 9 years we have lived in the cottage and I'm not that excited about doing it right now, but the open fire has taken its toll and the colour is revolting, so thanks to back to back Glee, the odd glass of wine and a determined mind, the arduous task went ahead and 48 hours later, yes 48 hours later, I finished!

Nearly empty room....

so much stuff...
Might need to think about thinning things out a bit post painting....

Tools of the trade.
Half way through painting - check out that colour difference, oh I am ashamed, ashamed, ashamed......!

Back to the normal chaos!

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