Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The rehearsals....

First of all, I will apologize for the terrible quality of my photos - it is probably me rather than the camera, but if I am to keep up this blogging lark, as promised, I might have to invest in something better!

So, the children arrived for their rehearsals, unfortunately a whole hour early which didn't help as the three of us were all engaged elsewhere, so the Bordon Junior staff had to work their magic and keep them all entertained!  Needless to say the natives were restless when we got to them and getting them all to behave and participate was no mean feat! But Martin is as cool as the proverbial cucumber and waded on regardless - I'm ashamed to say that I snuck out the back door and headed off in search of some lunch.....

Mark did manage to sort out all the space ship logistics post their departure and things look like they MIGHT go to plan tomorrow night - only a day to go, thank goodness.....!

Martin in control!
Mark - I knew you came form another planet! Georgie, his Amy Pond, our lovely technician!
RRRROOOOAAAARRRR! Deanna looking scary!
The sleeping dragon.....

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