Thursday, 1 July 2010

So why the music?

Well, not content with being run-ragged by the various shows that we have been putting up/organising, and the marking (oh, the marking) and parent's evenings and reference writing and job interviews, in our madness, Mark and I have joined forces with Martin in music and braved the world of the 10 year old and agreed to put on a show with 70 of them in a couple of weeks time.....

Many meetings have taken place both here and at the school and we now have a plan and miraculously, thanks to our very own Jon Myers (senior tutor and rather lovely chap all round), some money to make things happen.

The school's deputy head - Jon Reilly - is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic people I have ever met, he genuinely loves what he does (- SO important in teaching, let's face it, it isn't for the money!), and as a result the environment that these children get to grown and learn in is spectacular, particularly as the school's location is not necessarily the easiest to foster such a progressive establishment in.

This whole thing is Jon Reilly's brainchild (ha, ha) and I am really excited (and a bit terrified) about it - it will rely upon a lot of help from our students and I am so pleased and proud that so many of them have agreed to jump on board, who knows what will happen, but as Mr Reilly says, it's all about the process. So watch this space......

The beginnings of a beautiful partnership from left to right, Jon Reilly, G Simm, Sam T, Hannah W, Charlotte S, Sarah L and Mark Taylor.

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