Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Helping Ellie.

Sadly, one of my loveliest students was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer this Easter and was therefore unable to complete the course, hopefully she will return to us next year to pick up where she left off, but in the meantime she has been busying herself with raising funds and awareness for the charity CLICK sergeant which is aimed at providing support for children living with cancer - a very worthy cause obviously, and as part of her endeavours, she has been collecting raffle prizes for a stall at a local summer fete, to be held this coming Saturday in Lower Bourne Farnham. To show some support, Emily (another lovely student) and I are also going to have a stall of our own handmade items, with a decent percentage of our sales (hopefully there will be some) going towards the charity. Therefore it was time to build up some stock! Lavender bags, always a winner!

The production line..

Where it all happens - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I are lucky enough to have a studio at the top of our house - any good paintings you might see are his not mine....
Unfortunately it looks a bit like my desk at work - chaotic, burt I DO know where everything is!!


  1. Ooh, is there anywhere I can get a proper look at some of Ivan's work?

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  3. ah, amazing! I like the reference to marcel duchamp, combined with the way ivan has photographed himself with it in that painting. your workshop looks exciting! hopefully one day i'll get a guided tour of the work you both get up to! I'm enjoying following your blog! i hope you're having a nice, relaxing break xxx

  4. p.s. i hope the stall went well! i'm gutted i couldn't make it... :(