Sunday, 18 July 2010

Second day of the holidays and all alone....

So Ivan (Mr Bicknell) packed and flew off to the Alps ready for 18 days of the mad and dangerous stuff which I am trying very hard not to think about......I am hoping that I can find enough stuff to do to fill my days so that I am not constantly fretting!

So after leaving him and Stewart at Gatwick, I headed over to help Ellie with her stall, armed with a selection of my own wares - turns out I could have left my goodies at home pretty much, as although I had lots of great comments - people just weren't parting with their cash, however, many of them did take part in the raffle which is what Ellie's stall was all about and she did manage to raise a decent amount for her charity CLIC Sargent, which of course is what it was all about.

Let's hope that this stuff all does the job it's meant too...

Fortunately there was no room in Ivan's (Mr Bicknell) pack for our two cats Scratch and Sniff...
Hmmmm, 25% of not much!
Ellie and Graham.
My stuff!

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