Thursday, 30 September 2010

Origin - a grand day out!

I look forward to this show every year - I can't help myself - the world of the handmade is my world - real skill and craft, beautiful finishing and concrete proof that what we teach in terms of textiles can lead to some kind of profession! This year Origin has moved - historically it has been accomodated at Somerset House, but this year it was housed in Old Spitalfields market, an area that I love, so this was a double bonus! The atmosphere was very different this year, bar a couple of miseries - Alison willougby being one of them - the last time I design a project brief based on her work - the traders were charming, super friendly, inspiring and very keen to chat and share info, refreshing! One lovely exhibitor has even promised to come and chat to our guys, her work was simply beautiful and her lovely gentle nature was so nice to encounter. I got the impression that the majority of our girls felt inspired and it has been very encouraging to see a post on origin on their blog already! Sadly you have missed the show now, but the following shots might inspire you and of course you can check these talented folk out via their sites.....

My Gang - - how much more inspiring can you get?!
Beautiful knits from Row Pinto -

Beautiful wire sculptures from cathy Miles - check out her book - Sculpting in wire (basics of sculpture), available from Amazon -

Lovely use of line from Teresa Green -
I can't remember who the artist was, but eveything you see in the cases has been sculpted from sweet wrappers - very popular it would seem too as every piece had a red sticker next to it.....
Errr, note to self - make a note of who you are photographing!!!

Exquisite paper sculpture and engineering from Sarah Morpeth -
La, la,la....
Embroidered and printed textiles from Maxine Sutton -
Textile jewellery and art from Betty Pepper -
Brooke loving Thornback and Peel's printed lobster linens -
I feel in love with these rather gorgeous birdy ceramics from Lowri Davies -

Emily and Lora loving Claire Brewster -
I have been keeping my eye on Debbie Smyth since I saw her work at New Designers 2 years ago, she was very nice to chat to and has been doing very well since completing her degree - follow her on

Becky Adams was the delightful designer who has agreed to come and give a talk at Alton - I am looking forward to having a really good look at her work - it really was truly stunning and I know that seeing this work at such close quarters will have a very positive effect on my guys!

These hanging decorations from Anya Keeley had quite an impact, very simple, but very effective!

Of course it's always good to make new friends when you visit new places - Hannah and Ailie make a fuss of a local!

Of course a lot happens in London and it isn't unusual to see a news crew - we couldn't help but try and get in shot - so here is Charlotte doing her best - shame I'm such a rubbish camera woman!!!

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