Sunday, 5 September 2010

A grand day out.

We thought that since we were going back to work on Monday (heaven help us!), we would take a trip to London to meet up with Annie, eat nice food (one of our favourite past times) and take in a bit of culture to get us back in the groove as it were. So a trip to Tate modern and the Saatchi gallery was on the agenda. Sadly I couldn't take any photos at Tate, but we saw the Francis Alys exhibit which was fantastic and definitely worth a look, although I think it is about to come down, so you will have to be quick! But I did get to take the odd pic at the Saatchi and we had a bit of fun by becoming part of the exhibits at the same time! The Saatchi is now based on the Kings Road - a favourite haunt of mine, and as the weather was so lovely it was great to eat at Manicomio next door - pricey but amazing, wander through the food market in Duke's Court and eat big cones of ice cream in the sunshine too!
The John Wynne exhibit was impressive with piles of speakers and a self playing piano. Annie and Ivan getting right in there!

Littlewhitehead - it happened in the corner........ Before

....and after!

We met up with Rainer for dinner at Tas on the cut for Turkish - also a great place to eat - hmmmm, really must get back to the gym!

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