Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Izzy - A new life up North

I LOVE my ex students, not only did one come to visit me today - Lucinda Harris - with a view to help with the second year BTEC's next project (she has an amazing job with Aspinal of London so knows all about REAL design and branding which is what we are about to embark upon), but I got another diary entry - so here is the lovely Izzy's...... oh, and this is what she looks like.....

Go north

When I first found out I was going so far north to Huddersfield university to study fashion, I was nervous about going so far away and to somewhere which some people have said gets the most rain in England.It has been cold and it has been rainy but the countryside is amazing and all the different northern accents are funny and endearing. The phrases "t'internet" and "off t'shop t' get some spice,"(in southern "i'm going to the shop to get some sweets")make me laugh every time and it stops any awkward silences when you can just make fun of each others accents.

Starting university wasn't like I'd thought it would be. I was thinking that we would be straight into work with no days wasted but instead, although there is work we only start at the earliest ten in the morning, so nights out till four in the morning are just bearable. Every one is so friendly and starting up a conversation is easy. I've already been ableto visit Leeds and I am going to Manchester this week,it's so exciting seeing new cities, being able to investigate new museums, galleries, shops. There are also so many different personalities which makes everything more interesting. It's only the start of university but I know it's going to be amazing living in Huddersfield, and who knows? I might even stay up north after university. I'll just have to practice being able to understand northerners. Also, I get to wear hats and scarves more!

love izzy xxx

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