Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More uni news, this time from Hazel.....

Here is Hazel - another very clever bunny, now studying fashion at Derby - I WISH more people would go there it is such a good course......But you never know, maybe hazel's updates will convince you all to apply, who knows!

So my fist week at university has been eventful to say the least. I’ve never thought of myself as an immature person but I have certainly had to do some growing up in a short space of time, and it really has nothing to do with my course. Getting on with my housemates has been really easy as they are all lovely people and I actually mean that, I did think an all girls flat was going to be a bit dull but in reality we have such a laugh and talk completely openly about everything (and let’s face it there are guys about everywhere). I really feel I’ve known them much longer than the 8 days I’ve been here at this point. The freedom of doing whatever, whenever is great too but that does include tiding up after yourself and making sure you eat at least some of the time.
I was given inductions all last week ranging from the boring event of being shown how to use a library to being told about trips and the things we’re be learning this year. This included being given our terms time table, which at first glance seemed amazing. Monday-9.30-12.30, Tuesday 12.00-3.00, Wednesday- All day, Thursday- Off, Friday- Off. However I’m pretty sure that when we actually get into our projects it will very well become the 9 to 5 course we’ve all been told about. So far I haven’t actually mentioned that I’m at Derby University studying fashion, it doesn’t sound as thought it would be anyone’s first choice but it was always mine. I just got ‘the feeling’ when I came to look around on the open day. The teachers really impressed me with their knowledge of, well everything and haven’t disappointed now I’m here. If anything it really makes me think how little I know about my chosen area of study and the world around me in general.
At this point I’m going to just warn you about the serious issue you’re going to have with accents. Ok I decided to go up north so what did I expect, understanding some people is hard like my friend mel but she’s got used to the blank look on my face meaning I didn’t understand a word she said. These strong accents do mean however I’ve been told many times how posh I sound, when all it is is that I’m from down south.
I had a funny coincidence happen on my first day here when I met this girl in my halls who not only it turns out lives about 5 minutes down the road from me at home in West Sussex, but is also good friend with a lot of people I had in my year at high school and to top it off she also went to Alton College for two years without me knowing her at all. That’s the thing about uni you really don’t know what’s going to happen, nothing has been predictable and boring, no two nights out are the same and I just can’t wait to get on and start learning.

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