Monday, 27 September 2010

Sarah Lacey - The Greenhouse Girl - Super star in the making - first uni diary entry...

Sarah has already been mentioned an awful lot on this blog - she is VERY clever and makes beautiful things - she is also far more sophisticated than I can ever hope to be...... Just look at her here with her new BFF Sienna and Jude - honestly, she'll be too cool to talk to me soon! Sarah is next to Jude - had it been me I would have been standing much closer - anyway, enjoy her first thoughts......

University. Not something I was incredibly enthusiastic about last September but I can only ask myself one thing now. Why not? Bucks new university, High Wycombe; possibly one of the most vibrant and inspiring places to be a part of, situated in the red shed (a giant 3 story warehouse) I have my own desk which has already become very messy and full of initial ideas and photos. I also have the title of an official ‘red shedder’, along with the other 42 in my group, a nice number! Lecturers are constantly wondering around and you aren’t left with the feeling of ‘what am I supposed to be doing?’ although they understand that some individuals work better when freely left to make decisions without too much input.
I walked up to the 3rd level at 9.15am on Monday morning, nervous and anxious to find out where my desk would be and who I would be near. I find my table next to the window and alongside some lovely people. This is home for the next year. The room was bright, spacious and sectioned into small work spaces, all white; ready for each student to add their individual creativeness. It is great to have somewhere that is yours and only yours, somewhere to stick things up, personalise and work from.
This week we have been constructing small 3d pieces inspired from our photos and groups of ordinary mundane items, we have had many tours, they really cram everything in and not once did I feel lost, so many people around to help!! Tomorrow we are going to London for the day and I intend on visiting ‘tent’ exhibition. It’s only been a few days but we seemed to of crammed a lot in... and I am sure the weeks won’t get any quieter.

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