Sunday, 5 September 2010

A summer Thedden wedding.

I have been out of action recently following some minor surgery and although I still have lots of stitches, they weren't going to stop me from enjoying some friends' wedding - I even managed to dance and it would have been very rude not to wear the gorgeous new dress that my Mum helped me to buy! The venue was the same place that Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I celebrated our wedding, so it was really great to go back and enjoy someone else's special day! Holly and Nick (Claus)were the Bride & Groom and Holly looked fabulous in Fendi, and then Vivienne Westwood later on (Lucky girl)!.

Doesn't Ivan (Mr Bicknell) look dashing?!

The tent was a tepee, the food was seared tuna, grilled halloumi, and BBQ lamb, the liquid refreshment was prosecco and the desert was fig tart and sloe gin shots.

I rather think that the pinata was intended for the children , but the adults couldn't resist, with Holly the bride, having first bash! How could anyone bash Nemo??????

Claus had a problem finding it!

And then Ivan (Mr Bicknell) ruined it all by breaking the stick, honestly, the children didn't even get a look in........

And the fireworks led to the dancing.......

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