Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ready and raring to go!

So, term is well underway now and the foundation students are getting really stuck into their ice-breaker project - this year's is based on the work of Boo Ritson an artist who literally paints her subjects - she has done quite a few high profile projects such as one of the Maccabees album covers. The idea behind our project is that the students are placed in groups of 4 - often with people they barely know, select stereotypes and style and paint one of their team members accordingly, the end result will be the photos they take of their creations and possible add ons such as ad campaigns/posters etc. It is quite messy, but designed to get people mixing, talking, having fun and producing exciting outcomes - seems to be working...

Izzy - preparing to be an X factor wannabe - helped along by Fran, Hannah and Miryam.
Rob (the model), Ricky, Toni and Amy have done an excellent job of tackling a bit of anarchy....

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