Monday, 4 October 2010

Sam strikes again - HOORAY!

Diary entry:

It's been such a whirlwind of a week. I currently have about 5 separate projects on the go and all due for review tomorrow. Classes here are extremely competitive and cut throat, much like the industry itself. My tutors have been amazing, but there have been times where I've questioned whether I'm meant to be here or not. Everyone seems to be incredible at drawing and fulfilling what the tutors are asking for. I, on the other hand, am keeping on top things just about getting over my worries. My illustration tutor, Richard Gray, is such an inspiration. Despite my struggle and lack of belief in communicating garments through my illustrations, he has helped unlock a few doors. Ive met some really nice people, all ridiculously intelligent. Despite all the challenges around me, I see it as a positive and it is pushing me harder. It's now my second week at uni and I've decided to stay in and work this weekend. Yesterday, i went into central to carry out some shop reports with my friend, Rora. Rora undertook a foundation at Wimbledon, and as well as knowing so much about the industry and having a top class education, she is lovely. It was a long day doing the shop report, but we learned a lot about current and future trends, and overall, where fashion is heading. We are reporting back to Fashion journalist, Paul Tierney, for Monday. Paul works for magazines such as French Vogue, Love, The New York Times, and also lectures at The London College of Fashion. Again, like all the other speakers, he is such an inspiration and I feel I'm learning a lot. On Tuesday, fashion designer, Meadham Kirchhoff is coming in to talk to us. I almost bought one of Hussein Chalayan's jumpers from his Pre autumn/winter '10 collection yesterday. Rora eased me away, and I prized an Etoile Isabel Marant Curso jacket off of her back. Maybe one day.

The other day, we had an induction with the machinery. The technicians are seamstresses that said they have almost everyone in the uk's industry at some point over their career. they are both such characters. The equipment is all amazing and explains how such refined garments can be made, provided they are used properly. I've found a second hand industrial sewing machine, so i'm going pick that up next week and squeeze it into my room.

I'll come visit you all soon,

Sam x

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