Thursday, 7 October 2010

The first years have gone all abstract....

The second project that the group that Annie and I share have undertaken was all about learning how to compose an abstract composition. Normally we hate teaching this project as the students can be really dismissive of it, but this year they really got stuck in and have produced some amazing results. I started to feel the need to paint too, so I also had a go......

The still life - where it all started...
Finishing off - Hannah and Naomi working on some smaller studies.
Sam and Pip - smile for the camera!

Becky Marlow
Camilla Hudson
Chloe Seaton

Ellie Creed

Emily Casey

Hannah Robinson

Jess Martin

Naomi Barnett

Pip Paz-Howlett

Rachel Aspinal

Sam Gordon

Viki Wayman



  1. Oh wow, I remember doing this. <3

  2. I love the complexity of these. Well done, everyone, for a first attempt.

  3. These are really wonderful. What a delight.
    I'm glad Rachel's GM sent me over from our Etsy chat thread.