Wednesday, 13 October 2010

More from Mr Towner...... Life is gritty in the city!

Hey gayle, 3rd week of uni over now... Tomorrow I'm off to shepherds bush to source fabrics for a theme we've been asked to apply to one of a few designers we've been given. Less and less people seem to be turning up to lessons now, and briefs are still coming strong with their short deadlines. Today I used illustrator for the first time, lectured by william kroll. He's really nice. My current schedule is: research history and development on monday, pattern cutting and drapery on tuesday, machine and sewing lessons on wednesday, pattern cutting and drapery on thursday, and then illustration and technology on friday. Yesterday we learnt more about pattern cutting, and learning how to change basic blocks. Saturday is my night off at the moment.

Did I mention a second year broke in to our flat when we first moved in? He stole my butter. What a loser. On wednesday night, 2 guys from the uni were involved in a knife attack mugging around the corner from our campus. Luckily the hospital is next door.

My house mates work load is still pretty light and they can still afford the time to go out. Grrr. I appreciate what time I do have for myself. And for all those Alton students who feel they are hard dumbby for the printer not working (I know because I found it annoying as well), we can't even print anything out at half the quality as we could in alton. None of those nice laser printers or even fairly good quality paper, just really average black and white, and no tecnicians to help you out. And you lose marks for not having prep in place. One of the projects we also have on the go is illustrating a themed collection from a/w 2010, featuring 6 international designers, and 10 A4 portraits and a presentation in for next friday, for a timed 7minute one to one crit for the next 50% of the project. I'm excited. And for anyone wanting illustrator/photoshop/in design/dream weaver, along with all the other cool Adobe programmes, go for a student addition. You'll need to see if your college/uni can issue a reference number, and you'll get what you need for £200. Also look out for the exhibition at the barbican, celebrating 30years of japanese fashion, starting on 15th october.

Hope you're all well

Sam x

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