Sunday, 17 October 2010

Open evening - a long but possibly productive night!

So, we had Open evening on Thursday, traditionally this has been from 6pm - 9pm, but this year it started at 3pm instead, which made it a terrifically long evening, having said this, it was very  nice to have some quality time with more prospective students and their folks this time round, but boy did I need a glass of wine by the end of it, especially as a good friend of mine rocked up with her daughter - OMG am I really of the age where my friends have kids old enough for me to teach?! A very sad state of affairs indeed!

The stars of the evening however were our students, I have said it before and I will keep saying it time and time again, they are truly worth their weight in gold, even whiny little G - who is actually my secret weapon, and if she can't encourage people to take textiles, then I don't know who can........
Welcome to our world!
A bit of a jumble sale.........but it's all good!
Becca, enthusing the masses........
A rare thing - a happy smiling G - must be all the chocolates she's been scoffing!
Hannah and Nancy - putting something daft on our class blog!

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