Monday, 1 August 2011

Weekend away

My Mum and I, a few years ago, started going on the odd weekend away jaunt, it really started when Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I got married (nearly 5 whole years ago) and we did a sort of mother and daughter hen weekend with Annie and Judith (Mr Bicknell's sister and Mum) and has now become something of a tradition. I guess it probably stems from the days when my Mum would go away with her Mum once a year and leave the rest of us to fend for ourselves and of course survive dad's cooking (Just kidding Dad!), and I am very happy that it is me that gets to spend such great quality time with our Mum now, as she really is brilliant company and makes me laugh more than just about anyone else I know! This year we headed up to Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, although they would have you believe that it is in warwickshire! The hotel Mum found was called Bosworth Hall (funny that) and was housed in a rather magnificent building. There was of course a spa which we took full advantage of and a not half bad restaurant, although I cannot say that the majority of the clientele were as refined! Just to be really silly we also visited Cadbury world - enough to put you off chocolate for life if you worked there I would imagine and on the way home checked out the Outlet shopping place in Bicester Village - there were of course many bargains to be had, but I tell you what, half of the stuff was hideous and I have no idea what Viv and co were thinking of when they first let it leave the studio! I did pick up a couple of bits and pieces though, so I can't complain too much!  The weekend was also a gift from my Mum, so thanks Mum! xx

Bosworth Hall

Market Bosworth


You get too many freebies (ughh - how will I ever lose 2 stone - my new goal in life!), but amongst the horrible novelty tat, they had some Pantone mugs for sale - Cadbury purple of course, and as they were very reasonably priced and I had always fancied one, I thought why not?!

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