Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Today saw me get to meet up with another very dear friend - Katie - who now resides in New Zealand and has been there for nearly 5 years. Katie and I go waaaay back. We first met on our degree course, ummm, errr, over 20 years ago - oh God, I. AM. OLD. We have remained firm friends ever since and met Julie in '93 when we both began work at Jane Mosse Designs, then based in Farnham at the Maltings, so that seemed like an appropriate place to meet today - blimey, it's a very different place these days! It certainly wasn't this swanky way back then, but they were great days and saw us take part in mad aerobic classes in between the designing, making other amazing friendships and see young comedians like Mark Lamar for a pittance! Oh Happy days! Sadly Julie had to go back North today, but Katie is around for a while, so I expect more catching up will take place.....

Julie, Me, Katie, Abbie

Maltings "riverside" Cafe - cosy, but coffee far too strong for my poor tummy :(

The old studios - Jane's was on the top floor about 6th window in from the right!

A very nice shop - fortunately not much time to look - I would have stuck my hand in my pocket for sure!

And how cool is this? Communal knitting! I would have been in like a shot if it had been crochet - knitting and me? well ask Ivan (Mr Bicknell) about his scarf.........!

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