Thursday, 4 August 2011

Belated birthday Belle.....

So it would appear that I am a totally rubbish friend..... Last year I forgot J's birthday - a friend who dates waaaayyy back and this year I forgot the birthday of the youngest daughter of one of my most special friends - it was nearly two months ago and I only realised at the weekend - according to her Mum (my friend Lynda) this is what happens when you get to 40 - you forget everything apparently. Actually I am blaming it on how very stressful and hideousmy life was on the 9th June, when I was attempting to put up 25 final shows, deal with the tantrums that happen alongside this and cope with the mine field which is our marking system........! So I needed to pull something lovely out of the bag - this is what I have come up with - though I expect a bagful of sweeties and something pink might have sufficed!

Belle's Birthday Bunting!

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