Monday, 15 August 2011


There I was busily making Saturday lunch for Ned, Michell and Merryn when at 1.05pm it occurred to me that they hadn't arrived...hmmm,  the day before Ned had texted to change our initial plans for dinner to lunch as Merryn was full of cold - well it was post adoption meeting and I didn't really read it properly and assumed he meant Saturday lunch, errr apparently not as upon re-reading the text it said Sunday, ahhhhh, both Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I had plans for Sunday lunchtime - him a date with some novice outdoor climber and a cragg, and me with my Mum and a new craft fayre, for which if I'm honest, I wasn't holding out much hope for..... So a rather desperate call followed to the Bakers who, it transpired, were still in Hackney - bugger - but it was agreed that they would come for a late lunch/early supper - lupper in fact, so all was thankfully not lost!!! An added bonus was that they came via Violet, a rather magnificent cake shop which has a shop in East London and a stall on a weekend on Broadway market - they have quite a rep and I can now speak from experience in saying that the cakes are to die for - we feasted on devils food cake with marshmallow topping and polenta cake with peach frosting - go, feast, and taste a little bit of heaven! rttp://

They also have a blog........

Mmmmmm, Devils food cake with marshmallow topping!

Broadway market - every Saturday

Of course it was brill to see family Baker too - but we will always love them more when they bring cakes!!

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