Monday, 15 August 2011

Old friends

Three of my closest friends all moved away about 5 years ago - I clearly said something! But this month sees me spending some time with all of them - hooray! Yesterday it was Julie and her gorgeous (and scarily clever) daughter Abbie. They now live in Northumberland, so are the closest, but it may as well be an island in the pacific, as we have been hopeless in hooking up! But they came to stay yesterday which was great and tomorrow sees a reunion with Katie who now resides in New Zealand! I cannot wait! Jane Mosse, if you see this - katie and I will be calling on you in September!! at the end of the Month I travel to Germany to catch up with Bex - and then sadly it's back to reality and work - rubbish!! Oh, and on Thursday I am off to Estonia with my lovely mother in law, so it's a busy end to the holidays!

A late sunny breakfast this morning with Julie and Abbie. X

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