Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lundin (London).

It takes some persuading you know, getting Ivan (Mr Bicknell) up to the big smoke - he would of course rather be on some desolate crag somewhere, but from time to time, I do manage to get him on a train and up to some galleries, and if I'm really lucky, an overnight stay in Islington with his little sis - this time was a jackpot time and we had two days in civilisation! Lots to see and do, and as art teachers you have to go and see the big shows don't you?! So we got down with Tracey and Joan! First off, on the way to the Miro at the Tate we meandered along the Southbank and played in the beach huts, really worth a look and I love the fact that on what would normally be pavement and London Planes, was sand, wrecked boats and sand castles being built! There was also lots of good entertainment and the sun was shining! Tapas were eaten in Exmouth market in the evening and a trip to the Kings road and then the Tracey Emin filled up our Saturday, a whistle stop tour but delicious and educational none the less!

"As a homage to this piece, our 2011 Lion and Unicorn installation has been made by artist Gitta Gschwendtner working with 50 young refugees, whose poems - written and spoken - reinterpret the original themes of strength and imagination. A flock of white birds – or are they aeroplanes? – fly down the outdoor corridor linking Waterloo Station with Hungerford Bridge and comes to rest next to Royal Festival Hall."

Queens walk bunting and beach huts - worth a wander - no matter what's on, I always love the Southbank!

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) investigating....

Me? I'd rather chill and have a coffee!
Shell covered ones...
Stripey ones...

Fashion styley ones...
The classic student shot!
On the "real" beach..
High brow juggling!
Mad bicycle!
Ahhh, Miro - go and see it - it is fab!

Baby you're a firework........!
Sunny summer music on the Millennium footbridge.

Exmouth market for dinner at Morito with Annie and Rainer amazing tapas and delicious Padron peppers.

Watching the street entertainment.
Duke of York Square Saturday food market at lunchtime - need I say more?

Walnut and gooseberry tarts - far too good to miss, so we didn't!

Guess what we had for supper - serious addiction developing ........
An eye-opener of an exhibition - I feel bad for not previously being a fan - this is an unmissable exhibition - but not for the faint-hearted....

Strange performance art!

Mad, huge, straw wolf!

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