Monday, 15 August 2011

So we went to Wales

5 years, blimey how time flies! Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I have hit our fifth wedding anniversary and to mark the occasion we headed off to our favourite little place in the Brecon Beacons for a bit of luxury - it was actually the only joint holiday we had planned this summer, so that's how we justified the naughtiness of being so extravagant! We walked, ate, swam, jacuzzied, got massaged and drank cocktails and I'm not even going to feel guilty! I am saving some other poor unsuspecting female a life of climbing talk and untidiness by taking him off the market! I also lucked out, because (and don't tell him this) he is pretty special.......Aww!

Peterstone court - what's not to love - well all the blinky hills actually, and I have been up quite a few of them now! Check it out.

They had me when I saw the Kartell Ghost Chairs!

Their head chef Iain sampson won Welsh chef of the year award last year!

Umm, and the heated outdoor pool!

Err, and the spa...

...the stable block bedrooms....

I even got time to tackle some Sudoku - how very rock and roll am I?!

The river that runs along the bottom of the estate - perfect for stone skimming!

On the way up Pen Y Fan - lovely but steep and windy - I nearly lost my waterproof - ummm, which in retrospect, wouldn't have been a disaster, given that it is a very fetching shade of brown,,,,,

Blister prevention - wuss - especially as he looks a bit like a black ninja!

The sheep thought so too!!!

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