Thursday, 4 August 2011

New chair covers...

So they are painted, but now they need new printed covers - one down and one to go, and I think until I actually sell a chair this will have to do or Ivan (Mr Bicknell) will have a total meltdown - he's already had a couple of minor ones and I do have to concur that he's right, our house really isn't big enough.....

Ivan (Mr Bicknell) said yesterday that he wasn't sure that he liked the fact that the holidays made him forget which day was which and that work at least provided the routine of knowing exactly where you were - hmmmm, I am not wishing away the holidays at all - I am loving spending my days getting up late (some would say that I do that in term time too - fair comment I suppose!), having a leisurely breakfast and then heading up to the studio and printing or sewing my little heart out - this is coupled with as much rubbish catch-up American T.V. that I can manage - you may have already guessed, but I am a total sucker for American T.V. I cannot help myself, obviously you know that I am obsessed with Glee, but this is only the newest of many - everything has been viewed by me pretty much, including Charles in Charge, Family Ties, Blossom, My Two Dads, The Golden Girls, X Files, Moonlighting, The A Team, Ally McBeal, Happy Days, Six feet Under, Sex and the City, Magnum, The Waltons, FAME, Dallas, Dynasty, House, M*A*S*H, Mork & Mindy, Diff'rent Strokes, L.A. Law, Thirty Something, 90210 - old and sadly new, Table for five, Chips, Northern exposure, Airwolf, Bionic man/woman, The big C, Saved by the bell, Growing pains, Ellen, Nip/Tuck, The fall guy, Home improvement, The good wife, Kate & Allie, The wonder years, Spin City, Baywatch, Knight Rider, Ugly Betty, Fraiser, Will & Grace, Cybil, Desperate Housewives, Without a trace, The Gilmore Girls - hooray for 2.30pm everyday - NYPD Blue, Cagney and Lacey, Chicago Hope, Rosanne, Dawson's Creek, The fresh Prince, The Cosby Show, My current fave - The Big Bang Theory, Friends (of course), oh God the list goes on, but at the very, very top is, and always will be, ER - oh how I miss this show, so this summer I treated myself to the very last season and am about a third of the way through - sobbing furiously as I go - Dr Greene - why did you have to die?????!!!!

The originals

The middles

The final cast

Oh John - I feel your pain!

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