Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hugh's back.......

So, are you ready for this? Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) latest find for supper has to be a record - I couldn't believe my eyes when he staggered through the front door with this, and indeed, not only did it feed us this evening but four of our neighbours too!!!!

So I present you all with, ahem, the GIANT puffball - that's the big round white thing - not the berk in the glasses! Ahh, he looks very proud doesn't he - the berk in the glasses, not the puffball - the latter is about to be sawed up and sauteed! I can imagine that some of you are thinking WTF, but well, this is not the first time that such a beast has been presented to me, again, the puffball, not the berk in the .......! If you check them out on line you will see that they are considered to be quite a delicacy, they are in season right now, can be found in fields, woodland etc and can grow to TWICE this size. They are also ALL mushroom, no air here so this is why it was chopped up and sent around the houses - the inhabitants here in Worldham are no strangers to the odd wild find so it was gratefully received!!!!

The sawing process....see, allllllll mushroom!

A littlle sautee...

Et voila - a little bit of heaven, or, if we have got this wrong, My. Very. Last. Post! G'night! xxxx

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