Monday, 15 August 2011

Petersfield - oh yes, I'll be doing that one again!

It was a pleasant suprise this new craft market you know! I made a packet! I think my lovely cheery Mum was part of the reason, so she has been booked in for October and November already!! So for those of you that said I didn't give you enough notice on Facebook this time around, - that's the 9th October and 13th November!! I was also approached by a rather lovely lady who has her own blog and is looking to open her own shop - and lo and behold, the worm has turned, I am now being blogged about - ha! Get me!!

Mum, hard at work!

A job well done!

Thanks for the pic too!

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  1. Ah awesome! You have so many products to sell! I have a measley 14 at the moment on etsy, lol. (click on Koko & Beau) :D