Sunday, 3 July 2011

New Designers 2011

Thursday was a good day!

Fortunately for me I am not currently timetabled to teach on a Thursday so I arranged to meet a bunch of my ex-students at the New Designers exhibition in Islington. I always look forward to this, but normally go on a weekend when it is totally packed and you can't talk to anyone, so it was a real treat to go in the week. The only problem is that it is a bit depressing seeing so many talented people just embarking upon that exciting journey that I took nearly 20 years ago when I exhibited there. Don't get me wrong - still wouldn't change my life, it is absolutely what I love, but being approached by prospective employers and being in the hub of things is fabulous! It does spur you on though and hopefully the conversations that I had will have some impact on my newbies in terms of the right courses to choose etc, and I am even more eager to get printing with the new screens I exposed on Wednesday! My Mum came too and seemed to really enjoy it  -  a bonus! So here is a bit of what was on show.....

The Bucks uni graduates - very proud of my lovely girlies! From L - R - Sarah, Charlie, Laura (Me), Sammi and Lou.

I didn't get shots of these 3 at the private view with their work - so here it is now..




I also caught up with Sadie, who studied with us 4 years ago, I put her on the blog last year at ND, but this year she was selected for the one year on room - clever, clever girl - Sadie, I am serious about you making me a ring you know!!!

Here are some other graduates who caught my eye......

Alice Wolfe - Incredible bird sculptures stretched in hand knit and at £800 pounds each I think they are worth every penny - sadly too many pennies for me to part with!

Edward Taylor - Bath spa - very refreshing to see a chap for a change! Edward uses stitch to paint and produces both 2D and 3D outcomes - already out of business cards on day 2 in encouraging huh?!

Emma Jones - Laughborough, stunning prints based on coastal Wales

Also from Laughborough, Olivia Streatfeild-James.
STUNNING drawing, it is rare that I part with cash at ND, but this year I did and ordered 3 beautiful prints - have already picked out a place for them! Watch this one, she will go far....

Staffs always puts on a good show, there is a lovely gentle quality about their student's work.
Amy Dransfield

Charlie Locking

Charlie Locking and Laura Ann Burger

Olivia Turner

My Mum colouring in one of Summerr Morgan's creations!

Grays school of art

The big picture - yep, lots to get through.....

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