Wednesday, 27 July 2011

14 year olds - blimey!

So, if all goes as it should, I am going to be teaching 14 year olds in September - this rather panics me - is it a myth or are they really too cool for school? Me, I'm definitely too school for cool - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) still can't believe that he got landed with the ultimate square - what with him being so damn edgy and all......... HA! So, I have had to come up with some "groovy" new projects - I have been experimenting with one called "smash and grab" an idea I have pinched from the foundation course a bit - but given it a bit more of a textiley twist - well, that's the idea anyway! The pictures below are how I want the girls to start out with their cameras, once they have smashed something up - we smashed up an alarm clock - well, it is the holidays after all!!!

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