Monday, 25 July 2011

Printing, printing, printing.....

A lovely friend of mine has a birthday this week - so I thought I would make her something - she might have preferred something else - but well, she wasn't consulted!! She also happens to be the partner of Ivan's oldest and loveliest friend Ned, who sadly joined the forty club on Saturday! There was a brilliant, brilliant party at the wonderful Thedden Grange and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) pulled out all the stops and drew - yes he actually stopped climbing for long enough - a beautiful portrait of their daughter as a birthday surprise, but as all I am capable of is the textiley stuff, I made a cushion for Michelle - I totally forgot to take a pic of it, but her print is the first one up (see below) - the other prints I made whilst I was making hers will also get made into things at some point this summer, but here they are anyway - really into my summer holiday stride now, especially as it has forgotten to rain for two whole days now!! So I am currently multi-tasking - blogging away and sanding down some rather marvellous dump finds OUTSIDE!!!!

I was very lazy I'm afraid too though, and have no pics of the party, but, as soon as Ned gets himself together and recovered, I will steal the ones he will inevitably put on facebook for you! I will obviously weed out all the hideous ones he will have taken of me - he always does - especially the "I have just crawled out of my tent and am stuffing a bacon sarnie one" !!!!

This one looks very much like Michelle's doesn't it? Well that's because this was the first attempt but I misplaced the frame so that a whole load of it would have been hidden when I made the cushion - DOH! So you know, when at first you don't succeed.......

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