Sunday, 24 July 2011

So I have been a bit rubbish!!!

This really isn't like me is it - such a long gap between postings - and I honestly have no excuse aside from the fact that I was EXHAUSTED! It was such a long emotional term that I needed a break - I have done and recorded lots but needed to stay away from the computer for a bit - especially as I had spent WEEKS writing wretched project briefs and schemes of work that probably no one will read! But at least that side of things is all done and the new class (14 year olds - God help me) will have something interesting to do come September - how do you impress a 14 year old? Answers on a postcard please!!! So the end of term came and went, the lovely Sadie Amy Chesterman-Bailey ( and braved the year 10's at a local school to talk all things jewellery for me and I embarked upon my long-awaited and much needed summer break, and well, so far so good!!

So.... let's start with what the A and AS level students put up - really enjoying not teaching this at the moment and just being a spectator!! I have no idea who did what - sorry guys - but this is what I liked.......

Not too shabby for a bunch of part-timers huh?!

So many more posts to come tomorrow - nighty night! XX

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