Monday, 25 July 2011

The big FOUR 0 (oh..........)

Ned did a very good job of turning 40 - I still hate being 40, but I suppose that  I'd rather be than not, if you see what I mean, and Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I are hopefully about to embark on a bit of a life-changing adventure, so it's not all bad!

I am still waiting for Ned's marvellous pics, but here are a few that have become available, as well as Ivan's (Mr Bicknell's) lovely present to him, framing courtesy of the wonderful Roger - Gin and Tonic maker and part-time framer extraordinaire.....


Thedden Grange - The venue

The beginnings of some shelter - but what do you know, we didn't even need it!


More to come hopefully!

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