Wednesday, 6 July 2011

You didn't know I was married to Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall did you?!

Our weekend also saw some non-supermarket bought scoffing of good food! Basically home grown or foraged! The foraging always puts me on edge, but Ivan (Mr Bicknell) hasn't fed me anything too poisonous yet! First of all whilst looking over my New Designer's catalogues on the deck, I decided that it would be a good move to gather as many of our cherries as possible, given that every single wretched bird within a 10 mile radius had got wind of our rather magnificent tree and it's delicious fruit! Just as well I did, as by Monday morning our fine feathered friends had completely cleaned us out.......

Ah well, better luck for us next year! But what we did get were delicious!

Ceps - according to Ivan (Mr Bicknell), these are "regarded by Italian chefs as the second most prized mushroom in culinary use" hmmmm, our local amazing veggie grower Fred, who I consulted prior to actually consuming these mushrooms the first time Ivan arrived home with some, calls them Penny Buns - sounds a bit more Worldham to me!!! - These were huge by the way, almost saucer sized in diameter!

Ceps a la Ivan (Mr Bicknell) with a rocket salad and his own rather intoxicating mojitos - that was the deal - if I am to be poisoned, I need a great deal of alcohol!!

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