Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Le Weekend..

Last weekend saw a rare thing - Ivan (Mr Bicknell) and I out walking together... Well almost - apparently I was walking too slowly - actually he was walking as if on a life or death mission, but the landscape was lovely, he had made some nice sarnies and I survived yet another fearful cow experience! So it's not all work, work, work you see - except that those schemes of work are not going to write themselves......

Exton - South Downs way, I reccomend it!

These are handy, especially when your husband goes the wrong way and then swears blind that the map is completely wrong! See below.....

Now why aren't all cows as docile as this? Also helps that they are in a field I wasn't forced to walk through!!


So, you can take the boy out of Worldham, but you can't take........! Ha!  Welome to my world - I can't tell you how many trees I have stood under......

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