Monday, 4 July 2011

Full of Glee.....

Thursday also saw my rather pathetic and immature side get some indulgence, as after a bite of lunch and checking out the shops post exhibition in Islington, we skipped over to the 02 for a spot of glee! We had fab seats - not that anyone actually sat for the whole show - 20,000 nutters all leaping about like loonies! Never have I been part of a real Mexican wave before - fun!! The Glee cast put on a great show and we had seats very close to the stage, but although this was amazing in most ways, the big screen was directly above our heads so if we wanted to see any real close-ups we had to step out into the aisle - the 02 staff are not keen on this it would seem as I was placed back in my official space 3 times!! I do wish we had gone on Wednesday though as Gwyneth Paltrow had joined them on stage and Naya Rivera had been well enough to sing too, which she wasn't on Thursday, however a fine time was had by all!  Here is a selection of my badly taken photos....!

I am positive that Kurt is waving at me!!!

And some better ones that other people took on the night!!

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