Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Graduate Season

The only pain about being a lecturer is that at this time of year our own final show extravaganza clashes horribly with all the fab degree shows that take place - at least the fabulous Bucks kindly shows ahead of us so that I can go and drink beer and coo over all my clever ex-girlies!

We did run a "school trip" to Winchester however, which was cool and Pip and Rachel seemed to enjoy it too - watch out for these two - they are going to be part of my next year wannabes! Hooray a boy again - should keep the girls in line, and Rachel, well she's going to be a hoot!

So, I always look forward to New Designers - all that talent under one roof! This year I get to go in the week which will hopefully mean it's not so busy and meet up with piles of my ex-students where with any luck I can get a proper chance to grill them a bit over their courses - priceless stuff to pass on to next year's cohort! My Mum is coming with me too which will be fun, she has no idea what to expect either, so it will be refreshing to get a fresh point of view on things! If you find yourself at a loose end between Thursday and Sunday then please pop along it really is worth a butchers! Watch this space for some pics and comments..........

Oh and I might just be going to the 02 in the evening too - it should be Glee-ful - see what I did there? And, I never, ever, proclaimed to have any musical taste did I?!


  1. I hope you don't mind but I have used one of your photos on this blog entry here, with a link to the post.


    If you would rather I removed it please let me know and I will do so gladly

  2. Great to see youngsters with a passion for textiles, keep up the good work.