Sunday, 5 June 2011

Photo shoot - it seems my half term is a normal working week!!

So while all the other Foundation and BTEC 2 teachers are off actually having a half term holiday (Ivan (Mr Bicknell) is obviously hanging off a rock somewhere - Cornwall this time), I am carrying on regardless! Only kidding - as they will all tell you, I love it!! Thursday was a bit different however. Having been let down by her original choice of photo shoot location, the lovely Ted was at a bit of a loss - bizarrely, I happen to live next door to a lady with just what she needed...... Ted, and Ish her photographer probably couldn't have asked for better weather, so armed with mugs of tea and a large bowl of strawberries they got to work.......

Lovely aren't they?

Like these? Well check out for more fab student photo shoots - they are a clever bunch this year!

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