Sunday, 5 June 2011

There was a high point.....

Oh yes indeed there was! It started with lunch with my folks on Saturday at our little local Italian Deli - handmade mushroom ravioli and a cheeky glass of prosecco, then ditching Dad (sorry about that!) and heading to our local day spa for massage and pedicures and then...... hopping on the train and up to see.......wait for it......- you probably won't be half as excited as I was -..........Much ado about nothing....this is made so much more exciting by the fact that DAVID TENNANT was the star - I KNOW! I also know that you probably think I am ridiculously sad, but blimey, it was fabulous - worth every single penny and the chemistry that he has with Catherine Tate is electrifying! Go and see it - you'll love it! It is made so much more amusing by the fact that it is set in Malta in the 1980's too! A rather fine day.

Well - what did you expect?!

Now to bed - why on earth am I up so late? Because tomorrow I have to give a presentation on blogging and have only just written it - what is it I say to my students about not leaving everything to the last minute?!

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