Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Just for Ellie!

So I am being stalked by one of the models in this year's fashion show, she's a bit miffed that I have yet to put up any photos from the night - it is shameful really as it has been nearly a week, and I have no excuses as Joe - who took these pics, was alarmingly prompt in getting them to me - there are of course hundreds, so I did have to spend some time going through them and being totally horrified by the ones of me - OMG - the weight loss needs to take place this summer - although it doesn't help that I have no idea where my errant husband is, so it looks like dinner is going to be served at about midnight again which isn't helping my rapidly slowing metabolism!

Getting old is rubbish..... anywho - here are some shots of our fab show from final rehearsals to real thing - complete with sickeningly skinny and beautiful model students, enjoy! I shall now just go and sit in a darkened room..........

And thank you lovely girls for my wonderful flowers and bracelet

Oh yes - it's a little silver bird!!!

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