Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A new update from my favourite fashion boy.

Something new from Sam for you.

Sam Towner June 6 at 12:17am Report
Bloody hell, time flies! okay, so... first year is over. Its been a rollercoaster of all sorts. learnt loads and looking forward to learning more. The majority of the first years got paired up with third years for their final collection which was really interesting. I was paired up with a menswear designer which was really cool. I learnt loads about construction and pattern cutting but I'm not sure if I want to pursue menswear as a discipline, which is why I specified to undertake work placement in that area. About a month before that ended, I was given the opportunity to intern with a new design team appointed by the juicy couture directors in new york to revamp their baby brand, 'Bird'. I'm currently the only intern, so I've been able to see how a reborn brand can start, both from a business and a design perspective. My responsibilities have ranged from going to Ikea in wembley to kit out the office, to toiling on the stand, sampling fabrics, redesigning initial sketches to be sent off to factories in hong kong, editing prints, arranging technical line up drafts using illustrator, and smaller tasks like copying patterns and photocopying. The team (all three of them) ) are awesome and they treat me really well. I've applied for an access fund and organized temporary accommodation in London from now until New york fashion week, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get some financial help because I haven't got any other financial income. My week consists of 10-6(+), Mon-Fri. There's no real structure, it just depends on what needs to be done. I'm painting tomorrow!

Apart from that, I'm preparing myself for the second year and just taking each day as it comes. In 2012 some of my sketch book work is being published by Thames & Hudson for a fashion research book, written by Robert Leach which is exciting, apart from that, I'm just keeping my bloody head down and trying to learn as much as possible. In the mean time, I've just been helping at graduate fashion week, and I'll be helping Erin (O'Connor) again at the model sanctuary in September time. Feedback from the graduates on our course has been really positive and a number of people have attracted a lot of interest, such as jobs at Marc Jacobs, Thom Brownes, Max Mara, Karen Millen, Hockney and more. Hope you are all well and things are going well. all the very best. Sam xxx

I don't know about you lot - but I am feeling rather green with envy!!!

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